Convertech Japan 2017

On the occasion of the important exhibition “Convertech Japan” (Converting Technology Exhibition), held in Tokyo from 15 to 17 of February 2017, our company had the occasion to be promoted by our agent in Japan, Mr. Takeshi Asanome, who tells us, with enthusiasm and satisfaction, about the very good results got by AMC during the famous exhibition, that gathers die-cutting specialists from all over the world.

According to the report of our agent, AMC with its main productions aroused the interest of many visitors, getting in this way new business contacts and relevant collaboration proposals. AMC also aroused considerable attention, thanks to the advanced technologies developed in the last years.

You can see in the pictures our agent, Mr. Takeshi Asanome, while introducing two of our productions (NC-Collect and BFJ-110) to some customers interested in the benefits of AMC, especially if related to its main competitors.