Important commercial developments with Japan.

Thanks to the trust in our company by the Japanese commercial network, we had the pleasure of spending a few days with Mr. Takeshi Asanome, owner of NIHON S&H CO., LTD, our very good agent in Japan, from 15 to 18 of December 2016.

During these four days, rich in cultural and business exchange, we successfully carried out the testing of the machine NC-Collect, that will be soon shipped to Japan.
This mutual satisfaction led to the design of a growth plan, that will be realized during the next year.

This plan involves the design of a new automatic machine for cutting labels, on the basis of existing models, but equipped with the latest devices and specialized to meet the needs of the modern Japanese market.

We are very happy to tell you that AMC’s main products will be advertised from Mr. Takeshi Asanome and his staff on the occasion of the exhibition “Convertech Japan”, that will be held in Japan from 15 to 17 of February.

You can see in the photo Mr. Carlo Fapanni, owner of AMC, and Mr. Takeshi Asanome, owner of NIHON S&H CO., LTD, drinking to the future.